TES Theatre Company offers a truly unique opportunity for youth to participate in every aspect of the theatrical process.

  • TES Theatre is open and inclusive, friendly and welcoming to all. We provide a safe space for participants to be their true selves.
  • With the help of mentors, students pitch the plays, hold auditions, design sets and costume, direct, choreograph, and handle special effects and lighting. Participants take the reins and the lead in all shows.
  • We provide options to focus on performance (on stage) or production (behind the scenes), or both, so that participants can engage according to their own interests, expanding their strengths, or developing new skills.
  • Our classes complement cross-enrolment and home learning programs, with many students receiving course credit through IDEAS High School, and/or using program documentation towards other DL/OL requirements. Our curriculum is compatible with Board of Education target outcomes for multiple courses.
  • A true performing arts school! Many of our graduates pursue performance or production arts at the post-secondary level.
  • An absolutely unique program, where youth get to explore their full range of creative potential and pursue deep learning, while making friends, having fun, and completing school.

We offer the following programs:

Mini Program (ages 5 – 7), Mondays 10am-12pm

Junior Program (ages 8 – 11), Mondays 10am-3pm

Intermediate Program (ages 11 – 15), Mondays AND Fridays 10am-3pm

Senior Program (ages 13 – 21), Thursdays AND Fridays 10am-3pm

Theatre Production (ages 13 – 21), Fridays 1pm – 3pm (and 10am – 3pm prior to shows)

Glee Club, Jr (ages 8 – 12), Thursdays 10am – 12pm

Glee Club, Sr (ages 13 – 21), Thursdays 1pm – 3pm

Camps (ages 5 – 18), Spring Break Camp & Summer Camps coming soon!

Workshops, Live (ages 10 – 18), Fridays 1pm – 3pm

Workshops, Online (ages 10 – 18), Wednesdays 12pm – 1pm

Private Lessons, Live or Online (any age), variable times


Location: Renegade Theatre, 8877 Selkirk Street, Vancouver BC V6P 4J6

Be a part of this dynamic and inspiring group!

Find out more today: TEStheatrecompany@gmail.com