Covid – 19

TES Theatre Company is committed to implementing and practicing Covid-19 protocols that are outlined by the BC Provincial Government. All policies subject to change.

1. Health Checks for Students & Staff

  • Self Assess prior to attending: British Columbia Covid-19 Self Assessment Tool
  • If you will not be attending class for any reason, please e-mail Isabella as soon as possible.
  • If students start displaying any of the above symptoms during class, they will be sent home.

2. Class Covid-19 Protocol Reminders

  • Masks / Face Shields: We encourage all families to use their own discretion when it comes to the use of masks. We will aim to support everyone’s individual comfort level as we phase out of an environment where masks are mandatory.

3. If your child tests positive for Covid 19
  • Isolation: They should isolate for 5 days if vaccinated, or 10 days if unvaccinated
  • Informing: You should notify all close contacts if you or your child tests positive for Covid 19. If your child attended TES Theatre while they were possibly contagious (48 hours prior to symptoms appearing), please notify Stephanie at so that we can send an advisory out to all families. Your identity will be kept private and we might take precautionary measures (such as switching to online classes for one week), depending on the circumstances.
  • Exposure: If your child has been in close contact with Covid 19 (a close friend of family member), if they are vaccinated they only need to isolate if they have symptoms (as per above), BUT if they are unvaccinated they need to isolate for 10 days even if no symptoms
  • Testing: If testing is difficult to access, please proceed as if it is Covid 19
  • These guidelines are from the CDC:

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