Shakespeare in Action

Friday June 2, 2023 — 1pm – 3pm: $35

Shakespeare can be confusing to read, but how is it meant to come across on stage? Experience the magic when you learn how to bring Shakespearean texts to life! Join Bard on the Beach instructor, and skilled Shakespearean, Isabella Halliday for this two-hour workshop on how to understand Shakespeare as a performer, and harness the meaning and energy in those ancient plays. Learn how to make those scripts sizzle! Shakespeare has never been this much fun.

Ages 10 – 18


The Art of Improv

Friday June 9, 2023 — 1pm – 3pm: $35

Do you freeze under pressure? Improv can have that effect. Improv is the most raw, reactive, and dynamic form of theatre. It can also be the funniest! There is something uniquely hilarious about the immediacy of spontaneous responses, something so much more laugh-worthy when lines are made up on the spot. Join TES Theatre for a 2-hour workshop to learn the art of improv, how to develop the skills and mindset to react to your colleagues and scene in the most creative and comical ways. Learn how to feel safe improvising. Learn how to unfreeze and use the moment.

Ages 10 – 18

Single Workshop – $35 Both Workshops – $60

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