Each of TES Theatre’s Workshops focuses on a specific topic. Join us for one, or many, of these opportunities to dive deep into theatre themes that interest you. This is a great way to try TES Theatre!

Ages 10 – 18

  • Single Workshop $40 (only $25 for current TES students)
  • Four-pack $140 (only $80 for current TES students)

TEACHERS: These workshops are as educational as they are fun. We have group rates for school field trips (or virtual field trips), and we will provide curriculum/learning outcome details for each one. Please email to register your students.

2023/24 Workshop Dates


Acting isn’t the only thing happening on the stage! Did you know that costume and set design also play a central role in establishing information, such as tone, genre, era, location, mood, and setting. Costume and set design can enhance a script, adding to text or subtext in visual ways, or can provide pivotal action when serving as comedic device, rotating stage, secret passageway or trick-costume changes. In this exciting workshop, we explore concepts in design, look at ways that design interacts with the script, and consider some famous examples. And of course, we get creative with our own novel ideas.

Writing for the stage is a singular and unique form of creative writing. Obviously different than a novel or short story, but also very different than writing for the screen, stage-writing is its very own art form. Discover the distinctive attributes of writing for the stage in this fun and empowering workshop. Learn the important do’s and don’ts, how to adapt your writing for the stage, and how to bring your script to life. Discover your potential as a playwright in this confidence-boosting, informative workshop.


Single Workshop – $40 ($25 for current TES students)

Four Workshops – $140 ($80 for current TES students)

Location: Renegade Theatre, 8877 Selkirk Street, Vancouver BC

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