Online Program

“I love all the games we play and the collaborative singing. It’s fun and I can be myself. It’s my favourite class of the week“.

M.J. student in online program

Online Program: 8 to 16 years

Wednesdays 12pm to 1pm

This program is ideal for children living too far away to commute, or requiring ongoing physical distancing measures. It is also appropriate for students wanting more than the on-site offerings. The online classes are both academic and participatory, exploring theatre concepts, history, and theory, as well as doing vocal exercises, readings and coaching. In this class we will connect theatre, music and dance performance to the BC English Language Arts curriculum. We’ll be exploring drama, theatre and music through movement, singing and imaginative play. We will learn about developing different characters by creating our own stories, using our imaginations, learning songs, choreography, and looking at scenes from different musicals across history!

FALL SEASON 2022/2023: $50/month (register now and pay month to month, ongoing until June 14, 2023)

Location: Zoom

The Musical Theatre online program has been a fantastic class for my daughter. I love seeing her going outside her comfort zone because she feels comfortable. And it’s the one class that I don’t have to remind her to get ready for! She is always ready to go!”

P.Jones, parent of student in online program

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