Musical Theatre Summer Camp

TES Theatre Company

Are you looking for a summer camp here in Vancouver that’s as affordable as it is engaging? Are you looking for a memorable summer camp experience that’s exhilarating and active, creative, and fun? Are you wishing for a camp experience where your kids will be welcomed, where they will be comfortable being their own unique selves?

TES Theatre’s summer camp is all of those things. We provide an enthusiastically inclusive environment in which diversity is celebrated, and kids can be who they want to be. One of the compelling benefits of theatre is you can be yourself, or you can try being someone else.

At TES Theatre, even the most reticent participants get caught up in the music and dance, and find themselves overcoming inhibitions and getting creative. The spirit of musical theatre can be irresistible in such a supportive and positive environment. Our shyest members sometimes choose to take on starring roles.

Making friends is a natural consequence of participating side by side in theatre. The back-stage camaraderie of the shared experience is very strong, and can create long term bonds. Making theatre is highly social, as it is infused with ice-breaker activities, theatre games, and confidence-boosting exercises.

TES Theatre’s programs, including the summer camp, stand out because the participants play a strong role in their own creative decisions. Rather than just perform from the teacher’s direction, TES Theatre youth truly put on the show, sometimes choosing the play, sometimes writing it, or directing it, or choreographing it. All levels of ability and all levels of contribution are recognized and welcomed. The students’ visions are centre-stage, and the results are stunning.

We still have space in our August 2nd – 5th summer camp, for ages 7 – 16. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Register today.

TES Theatre Company

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