Vancouver Home Learners

Whether you are a registered home schooler, or a DL/OL home learner, TES Theatre’s immersive daytime programs are a perfect fit.

TES (The Emerging Stage) Theatre Company is an offshoot of TES (Transforming Education Society) which is a non-profit society dedicated to advancing alternative, democratic, non-coercive, nurturing opportunities for education. Rather than instructing and directing, we believe in engaging and supporting young people to pursue their creative potential. Making theatre is inspiring!

TES Theatre Company provides an enriching, collaborative community in which participants thrive. We embrace individuality and diversity, and maintain a safe space so that learners can be their own unique and best selves. We are inclusive and welcoming, creating a feeling of acceptance and camaraderie that results in lasting friendships. Making theatre is social!

We dive deep into the performing arts, creating theatrical productions that are as fun to watch as they are to make. Our shows are professional and memorable, delighting and entertaining audiences, showcasing the range, skill, and diligence of the students. Because students are involved in every level of production, they have a deep sense of ownership over the finished product. Making theatre is rewarding!

We have a great time. Students love coming to class, figuring out new choreography, dreaming up costume ideas, brainstorming how to build a tricky prop, perfecting that solo, bowing to a roomful of applause. There is joy in making collaborative art, in the glory of team work, in sharing the spotlight of creative success. Making theatre is fun!

Home learners thrive in this youth-centred environment. They learn obvious things like drama, music, dance, and stagecraft. But they also learn less tangible things, like working hard to achieve a better outcome; that practice really does make you better; that there is deep, satisfying joy in completing a project; how to work well with others; how to effectively communicate or pitch your own vision; how to rise to the occasion; how to portion out an enormous project into manageable pieces…and so much more. Making theatre is educational!

TES Theatre is approved by most DL/OL programs. We document our curriculum and can match learning outcomes for a number of different BC courses. We are a great way to use allotments! Even high school students can get course credits through our partnership with IDEAS. Many of our home learning graduates have gone on to study performing or production arts at the post secondary level. Making theatre is learning!

Whatever kind of home learner you are, TES Theatre has a program for you. Making theatre is for everyone.

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