Create Something Spectacular

Our Musical Theatre Program for Seniors is a different from anything they’ve ever done before!

Teens at TES Theatre take the lead in exploring their own creative visions. The participants in the Senior Program choose the plays. Sometimes they pitch favourites that resonate with the group, and sometimes they write entirely new scripts dealing with whatever topics are important to them at the time.

Participants choose how they want to be involved–directing, choreographing, designing, painting, lighting, promoting, or of course performing. Many students focus on singing, dancing, and acting, but some prefer the backstage roles, and learn how to be stagehands, or props masters, or sound technicians.

The plays that the Senior members produce are innovative, original, and inspired. They are student-led, and mentor-supported. Participants learn and grow and thrive during the creation of their productions, tackling new skills, embracing new talents, and trying new things.

TES Musical Theatre Classes are ideal for home learners, home schoolers, or online learners. Our teen classes are during the week, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am – 3pm. Teens can even get high school credits through most DL’s/OL’s. It can be hard to find high quality, engaging classes for high school aged home learners. We are happy to provide such a fantastic option.

Senior members make lifelong friends during this creative process. Many of our graduates have gone on to produce their own art, or study some form of theatre, performing arts, or stage production at the post-secondary level. And even for those who don’t, their years with TES Theatre provide an unforgettable life experience, being part of something so creative.

Join TES Theatre and create something spectacular!

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