Finding the Best Camps

It can be hard to find the best camp for your kids.

You want a camp that will be dynamic, where your kids will get exercise and physical activity. You want them to move around and have a productive outlet for their exuberance and energy.

You want a camp that inspires creativity, that challenges your kids to thrive and be their best. You want a camp that is social, where your kids can make friends and ongoing connections with kids their age, where they can share their interests and ideas in a friendly and welcoming environment.

You want a camp that is affordable, accessible, and inclusive. You want a camp that is so much fun that your kids will be eager to attend every day, a camp they will talk about for weeks or months after it’s over, and look forward to attending again next year.

There are many camps for kids in Vancouver, but few are as engaging and inspiring as TES Theatre. If you are looking for a stand out, one-of-a-kind camp experience for Spring Break or Summer, TES Theatre has a camp for you. For ages 5 and up, this is the camp you’ve been searching for.

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