Emerging Artists / Emerging Stages

Have you ever wondered what the TES in TES Theatre actually stands for? It stands for The Emerging Stage.

We chose this name in part to honour the acronym in TES Society, the “Transforming Education Society”, our ongoing parent/partner whose values of collaborative education we espouse. But when we branched out as a theatre company, we needed to differentiate our focus if not our values.

The focus of TES Theatre Company is youth. Young people who are in various stages of finding their own voices and visions as artists. Young people who are still emerging in their creativity, their skills, their stories, and their access to self-expression. Young people who need a welcoming space where they are valued as artists, where their contributions are taken seriously, and where their potential can emerge.

TES Theatre Company is not typical kids theatre classes. TES Theatre Company is a youth theatre company, a collaborative model of theatrical production where the young people create their own work, and bring their own visions to the stage. TES Theatre Company supports emerging artists, at all stages of growth, in all areas of theatre expression. We are an actual theatre troupe for young people, creating plays by and for youth.

The Emerging Stage honours both emergence and stages, all definitions of both those words. Our teachers and mentors are highly skilled at bringing out the best in youth of all ages, fostering a cooperative environment that encourages collaboration and participation, respect, social connections, and creative emergence. TES Theatre is a community, a safe and inclusive social space where all participants can be their true selves.

TES stands for The Emerging Stage. Come check out our classes or camps and you will see why we stand out. We are not just classes, we are a youth theatre company where young people thrive.

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