January 2023

Happy new year!

TES Theatre Company is kicking off the new year with theatre: new plays for each troupe. Every level is tackling their own production, from the youngest participants (minis and juniors) to the oldest (intermediates and seniors).

Every group collaborates to choose, cast, and mount their own play. Students participate in whatever capacity makes them excited, which might be dancing with the ensemble, painting sets, or helping with lighting, or it might be designing choreography, writing musical scores, performing the starring role, or directing the whole production. Some students skim the surface and some dive deep, but all are supported and mentored by our fabulous and skilled instructors, who lend their vast talent and experience to facilitating the students’ ambitions.

This collaborative approach to youth musical theatre yields incredible results. The plays are dynamic and creative, expressive of the youth voices that create them: sparkling and original. TES Theatre Company offers a truly unique opportunity for young people to explore their own artistic visions through musical theatre, and both the participants and the audiences benefit from the process. The plays are exquisitely memorable and enjoyable because they are so fresh.

If your experience of kids’ theatre is flat, canned productions with kids merely reciting lines that adults feed them, check out TES Theatre. It is a completely different paradigm, where youth are centre stage, behind the stage, and in every stage of artistic development. After all, TES stands for “The Emerging Stage” because we help young artists emerge at every stage. We provide a space for emerging artists.

Join us in January for a new year!

2 thoughts on “January 2023

  1. Hi I would love to know more details about the class for homeschooling. I have a 7yr old and 5 yr old

    1. Hi Erica,
      Welcome! They would both be Minis! The Mini Program is Mondays from 10am – noon, and costs $95/month. The Minis participate in one full play, and also in the final Showcase in June. The class is a safe and creative introduction to theatre, with lots of games, singing & dancing, and fun. Everything we do can be used towards homeschooling reporting. We are just beginning the January term so this is a great time to jump in. You can email us at TEStheatrecompany@gmail.com with any questions at all!

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