Seven Reasons Why Theatre Programs Are Good For Kids

Alongside the many benefits of growing up in a digital world, there are also some tangible downsides. Young people spend less time being physically active, less time outdoors, less physical time with friends, less time reading, and less time engaged in creative hobbies. The algorithms of our social media echo chambers can also detract fromContinue reading “Seven Reasons Why Theatre Programs Are Good For Kids”

Ten Ways TES Theatre Makes Homeschooling Easier

One of the challenges of homeschooling can be finding local activities that are as enjoyable as they are educational, that are affordable, and that understand and accommodate the home learning life. You want activities that support your home learning goals, that foster creative thinking and exploration, and that welcome and respect your child as aContinue reading “Ten Ways TES Theatre Makes Homeschooling Easier”

The Magic Happens

What happens when kids get the opportunity to mount shows that excite them? That mean something to them? What do you get when you support young people in producing the theatre that inspires them? Magic happens. At TES Theatre Company we provide skill-building support, mentorship, and years of cumulative experience in both professional theatre skillsContinue reading “The Magic Happens”

Spotlight on Teens

TES Theatre Company welcomes teens to our Senior Theatre Program, where youth from 14 – 21 can create their own productions. This might include writing a script, designing a stage set, creating costumes, props, or lighting. It might mean rehearsing, acting, singing, dancing. It might mean being a stage manager, a publicist, a fundraiser. TESContinue reading “Spotlight on Teens”

Find Your Glee!

Home learning high-schoolers! Local teens! Don’t miss out on our FREE day of Glee Club, this Thursday September 29, from 10am – noon, in East Vancouver. There will be some singing and dancing to your favourite songs in a zero-pressure but highly fun environment. Make friends! Find your glee. Space is limited RSVP to getContinue reading “Find Your Glee!”

Singing up a storm!

TES Theatre Company’s 2021/22 season is underway! We are starting this exciting new year in the Ache Brasil Capoeira studio, with classes for Minis (6 – 7 year olds) and Juniors (8 – 11 year olds) on Mondays, Intermediates (11 – 15 year olds) on Mondays & Fridays, and Seniors (13 – 21 year olds)Continue reading “Singing up a storm!”