Minis to Teens

One of the delights of a youth theatre company is witnessing people grow from preschooler to young adult.

Some of our teens have been with us since they were tiny. Some of them have even been in the same play twice, many years apart. The first time as a junior participant, on stage briefly for a single number, and then years later, able to take on a significant role and engage with the material in a more mature and and nuanced way, maybe even from a position of leadership.

Growth is magical. We get to see young people grow up in front of our eyes. We get to marvel at the emergence of artistic and creative potential alongside the emergence of brain growth and personal individuation.

Theatre is a perfect setting for growth, as it promotes self expression, communication, and the empathy inherent in being someone else, or revealing other sides of oneself. The act of production, too, invites growth as students learn to negotiate, to share, to promote their own ideas with passion, but listen to others’ ideas with respect.

We call TES Theatre “The Emerging Stage” for a reason. Supporting emergence is what we’re all about. The emergence of creativity, or artists, of individuals, and of community.

We are honoured to have so many young people grow up with TES Theatre.

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