TES Theatre is delighted to introduce individual WORKSHOPS to our regular offerings. Each of these single topic Workshops can be taken on its own, or as part of a package. Some are in person, and some are online. You can mix and match and attend exactly and only the ones that interest you.

All of our Workshops are informative and educational. Some, such as Shakespeare in Action, and The History of Musical Theatre, can be applied towards most schools’ learning outcomes. If you attend a DL or OL, or if you are in any kind of home learning program, you might be able to use allotment funding to cover the cost. Or if you are a homeschooler, or a full-time home learner with a DL/OL, you can likely use these workshops towards your portfolio.

Some of our workshops fit into other course or curriculum expectations, such as physical & health education. Consider Partner & Dance Lifts, Broadway Choreography, or Stage Combat. Some fit into other course descriptions such as drama, careers, arts, english, or creative writing: Monologues, Auditioning, Costume & Set Design, Clowning, Improv, and Writing for the Stage.

On top of being educational, these workshops are incredibly fun. Even the more academic sounding ones, like History, or Monologues, are lively and animated. There will be more participation and “doing” than passive listening. Students of all ages will be actively taking part in these workshops, learning through hands-on engagement, games, and exercises. No dull moments here!

TES Theatre’s Workshops provide a low barrier way to get a taste of TES Theatre without any further commitment, and also offer current students a chance to dive deep into favourite topics. Sign up with some friends for a really fun, theatre based activity. You will love these workshops.

Visit our WORKSHOPS PAGE to learn more.

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