Theatre Education

Drama! Theatre Production! Creative Writing! History! Shakespeare! Dance!

If you thought these were school courses, you would be right. But these are also subjects that BC students can explore through TES Theatre’s Workshops.

Teachers and educators can use our educational workshops for field trips, either in person on Fridays to get out of the classroom in Vancouver, or online on Wednesdays for virtual excursions. If your school is far away, you can skip the carpooling or school buses by accessing our online workshops. Both options are active and engaging: students will not be bored!

Home schooling families can take advantage of one or two or as many workshops as they like to meet curriculum requirements or just to enjoy a rewarding and creative day socializing with other kids. The workshops are welcoming and friendly: even the shyest newcomers end up participating with enthusiasm. Homeschooling and home learning families, whether registered under the home schooling act, or enrolled with a DL/OL, can pick and choose which topics they would most enjoy.

Whether you’re a certified teacher, a student, or a home learning parent, we will provide you with the printed curriculum and learning outcomes for each of our workshops. If you are enrolled (or cross-enrolled) with a DL/OL, you can use this as part of your documentation.

Theatre is well known to be supportive of youth mental health. It provides a perfect setting for the kind of playful make-believe that enables younger kids to explore feelings and motivations, to gain insight into themselves and others. Theatre provides a unique outlet for teens to explore identity, the human condition, history, psychology, and art through both a personal and social lens. Theatre is therapy for youth of all ages.

But theatre is also a seamless and abundant gateway for education. Many of our core curriculum learning outcomes are easily achieved through theatre. Our workshops provide a gratifying path for meeting learning needs and achieving educational goals.

So whether you’re a student, a parent, or a teacher / tutor / educator, check out TES Theatre’s WORKSHOPS for a creative and fun approach to achieving educational outcomes.

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