Seven Reasons Why Theatre Programs Are Good For Kids

Alongside the many benefits of growing up in a digital world, there are also some tangible downsides. Young people spend less time being physically active, less time outdoors, less physical time with friends, less time reading, and less time engaged in creative hobbies. The algorithms of our social media echo chambers can also detract fromContinue reading “Seven Reasons Why Theatre Programs Are Good For Kids”

Ten Ways TES Theatre Makes Homeschooling Easier

One of the challenges of homeschooling can be finding local activities that are as enjoyable as they are educational, that are affordable, and that understand and accommodate the home learning life. You want activities that support your home learning goals, that foster creative thinking and exploration, and that welcome and respect your child as aContinue reading “Ten Ways TES Theatre Makes Homeschooling Easier”

Theatre Education

Drama! Theatre Production! Creative Writing! History! Shakespeare! Dance! If you thought these were school courses, you would be right. But these are also subjects that BC students can explore through TES Theatre’s Workshops. Teachers and educators can use our educational workshops for field trips, either in person on Fridays to get out of the classroomContinue reading “Theatre Education”


TES Theatre is delighted to introduce individual WORKSHOPS to our regular offerings. Each of these single topic Workshops can be taken on its own, or as part of a package. Some are in person, and some are online. You can mix and match and attend exactly and only the ones that interest you. All ofContinue reading “New: MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOPS!”

The Magic Happens

What happens when kids get the opportunity to mount shows that excite them? That mean something to them? What do you get when you support young people in producing the theatre that inspires them? Magic happens. At TES Theatre Company we provide skill-building support, mentorship, and years of cumulative experience in both professional theatre skillsContinue reading “The Magic Happens”

Emerging Artists / Emerging Stages

Have you ever wondered what the TES in TES Theatre actually stands for? It stands for The Emerging Stage. We chose this name in part to honour the acronym in TES Society, the “Transforming Education Society”, our ongoing parent/partner whose values of collaborative education we espouse. But when we branched out as a theatre company,Continue reading “Emerging Artists / Emerging Stages”

Finding the Best Camps

It can be hard to find the best camp for your kids. You want a camp that will be dynamic, where your kids will get exercise and physical activity. You want them to move around and have a productive outlet for their exuberance and energy. You want a camp that inspires creativity, that challenges yourContinue reading “Finding the Best Camps”