The Magic Happens

What happens when kids get the opportunity to mount shows that excite them? That mean something to them? What do you get when you support young people in producing the theatre that inspires them? Magic happens. At TES Theatre Company we provide skill-building support, mentorship, and years of cumulative experience in both professional theatre skillsContinue reading “The Magic Happens”

Emerging Artists / Emerging Stages

Have you ever wondered what the TES in TES Theatre actually stands for? It stands for The Emerging Stage. We chose this name in part to honour the acronym in TES Society, the “Transforming Education Society”, our ongoing parent/partner whose values of collaborative education we espouse. But when we branched out as a theatre company,Continue reading “Emerging Artists / Emerging Stages”

Finding the Best Camps

It can be hard to find the best camp for your kids. You want a camp that will be dynamic, where your kids will get exercise and physical activity. You want them to move around and have a productive outlet for their exuberance and energy. You want a camp that inspires creativity, that challenges yourContinue reading “Finding the Best Camps”

Spotlight on Teens

TES Theatre Company welcomes teens to our Senior Theatre Program, where youth from 14 – 21 can create their own productions. This might include writing a script, designing a stage set, creating costumes, props, or lighting. It might mean rehearsing, acting, singing, dancing. It might mean being a stage manager, a publicist, a fundraiser. TESContinue reading “Spotlight on Teens”

Find Your Glee!

Home learning high-schoolers! Local teens! Don’t miss out on our FREE day of Glee Club, this Thursday September 29, from 10am – noon, in East Vancouver. There will be some singing and dancing to your favourite songs in a zero-pressure but highly fun environment. Make friends! Find your glee. Space is limited RSVP to getContinue reading “Find Your Glee!”

Create Something Spectacular

Our Musical Theatre Program for Seniors is a different from anything they’ve ever done before! Teens at TES Theatre take the lead in exploring their own creative visions. The participants in the Senior Program choose the plays. Sometimes they pitch favourites that resonate with the group, and sometimes they write entirely new scripts dealing withContinue reading “Create Something Spectacular”